Asian Hot Babe Dunks and hair wash in tub 0
Asian Hot Babe Dunks and hair wash in tub 1
Asian Hot Babe Dunks and hair wash in tub 2

My first dunking/underwater video.  The first time I tried dunking in this video didn't go so well as you can tell in the video, water rushed up my nose/sinuses from then on I know to use my hand to clog up my nose.  Each time I dunk the water turns more and more red from my dyed hair.  I take a handful of soap and make my head full of suds and bubbles. To rinse off I dunk until it is all gone :D 

MP4 Version, tri pod cam, CAMERA DOES NOT MOVE 

In this clip:  SHOWER SCENES,WET LOOK, Underwater fetish, dunking, water, bath, bathroom, tub, suds, foam, bubbles, hair, hair washing, long hair, wet & messy, 

Peeing twice in the shower

2021-09-132:58 minutesAsian, Hairy, Peeing
Peeing twice in the shower 0
Peeing twice in the shower 1
Peeing twice in the shower 2
Peeing twice in the shower 3
Peeing twice in the shower 4

More requests for peeing so here you go.  2 clips of me peeing in the shower for you to enjoy

Wet Black Panyhose

2021-09-046:25 minutesClip Request, Fetish, Pantyhose
Wet Black Panyhose 0
Wet Black Panyhose 1
Wet Black Panyhose 2
Wet Black Panyhose 3
Wet Black Panyhose 4

Requested clip of wet pantyhose! In the shower I go again this time with black pantyhose.  I wet them shoving the shower head into the top of the hose for the water to run down my legs.  I lather my wet panty hose with liquid soap, front and back of course.  Then continue to rinse them off and shoving the shower head in the back of the hose to make sure they are rinsed good.  I love the look of wet pantyhose, don't you?

Washing Extra Long Hair

2021-09-024:22 minutesAsian, Clip Request, Fetish
Washing Extra Long Hair 0
Washing Extra Long Hair 1
Washing Extra Long Hair 2
Washing Extra Long Hair 3
Washing Extra Long Hair 4

My hair is getting really long, all the way up to my butt! Now it's time to give it a good washing. From dry to wet, then work up a good lather from root to tip. Once it is all clean I rinse it. Enjoy In this clip: Hair, long hair, red hair, dyed hair, wet, shower

Washing My Belly Button

2021-09-016:52 minutesAsian, Fetish, Small tits
  Washing My Belly Button 0
  Washing My Belly Button 1
  Washing My Belly Button 2
  Washing My Belly Button 3
  Washing My Belly Button 4

This is my very first belly button fetish clip for you to enjoy! I start out with all my clothes , I pull up my top to show off my sexy mid drift. showing off my tummy I take off my clothes and make my way into the shower. I turn the water on and wet my belly. Lathering the soap came next realizing that my belly button needs some extra cleaning I take out a exfoliation glove and work the soap deep into my belly button. Once I think it is clean enough I rinse off and show off my clean belly button.

Bath Time Fun

2021-08-317:34 minutesAsian, Sensual, Small tits
Bath Time Fun 0
Bath Time Fun 1
Bath Time Fun 2
Bath Time Fun 3
Bath Time Fun 4

Just taking another bath watch as I soap up my body rich in lather and rinse off by jugs of water! 

In this CLIP:Bath, shower, wet, asian, bubbles, soap, lather, water, wet&messy, clean, scrub, suds, bathroom, water closet, daily routine, Asian princess, Asian Goddess, 

Legs shaving

2021-08-217:31 minutes
Legs shaving 0
Legs shaving 1
Legs shaving 2
Legs shaving 3
Legs shaving 4

Getting my legs nice and smooth for you! Watch as I shave my legs in the shower.

Washing My Long Hair

2021-08-156:13 minutesAmateur, Asian, Fetish
Washing My Long Hair 0
Washing My Long Hair 1
Washing My Long Hair 2
Washing My Long Hair 3
Washing My Long Hair 4

My hair is getting really long it's looking like it's time for a trim! But first time to get it all nice and clean! Love how the dye turns all the bubbles red!

Wet and Soapy Pantyhose

2021-08-117:38 minutesNylon, Pantyhose, Small tits
Wet and Soapy Pantyhose 0
Wet and Soapy Pantyhose 1
Wet and Soapy Pantyhose 2
Wet and Soapy Pantyhose 3
Wet and Soapy Pantyhose 4

In the shower I go with pantyhose on!! Watch as I wet them, then get them all soapy, work up some lather and rinse them clean. My legs look amazing in wet pantyhose don't you agree?

Wet clothes! jeans and a button top!

2021-08-0412:59 minutesAsian, Fetish, Sensual
Wet clothes! jeans and a button top! 0
Wet clothes! jeans and a button top! 1
Wet clothes! jeans and a button top! 2
Wet clothes! jeans and a button top! 3
Wet clothes! jeans and a button top! 4

Another shower with clothes on this time Jeans and a white stripped button top, Watch as I lather up as much as I can. In this clip: Wet clothing, shower, Jeans, denim, wet look,wet and messy