Elevation Mask And Tits

2021-06-063:50 minutesAsian, Mask Fetish, Small tits
Elevation Mask And Tits 0

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custom no names mentioned

I haven't used my elevation training mask 2.0 lately, so the instructions say to try it on only for a few mins at a time to get use to it. This is my first time recording using it! I strap it on and show off the mask and tits! It get's hard to breath so going to try a little at a time and tape it so you can all see the progression.

There will be more clips like this in the near future!

Elevation mask and body tease

2021-05-283:32 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Mask Fetish
Elevation mask and body tease 0

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custom request no names mention.  Not much talking but you can hear the breathing with the elevation mask.  I did not realize how hard it would be to do a clip with my elevation mask.  You can hear the deep breathing through out the clip.  It is a short clip because it became really difficult to breath, I need more training in this mask. In case you do not know what a elevation mask is:   respiratory conditioning device that mimics the effects of high-altitude environments