Our Asses in shorts

2021-06-096:22 minutesAsses, Femdom, Fetish
Our Asses in shorts 1
Our Asses in shorts 2
Our Asses in shorts 3
Our Asses in shorts 4

Watch as Ashe and I (Jasmine Jade) bend over in short shorts. We both have great asses we talk about what we want you to do and how we will you! Want to know how? buy this clip and find out! In this clip: ass, dirty talk, tease, ass worship, booty shaking, short shorts, denim shorts, cut off shorts, booty tease, ass tease

Nothing Butt Close ups

2021-06-039:45 minutesMasturbation, Orgasms, Toys
Nothing Butt Close ups 1
Nothing Butt Close ups 2
Nothing Butt Close ups 3
Nothing Butt Close ups 4

a clip of extreme close up of my tight holes. I show my pussy and asshole off in different positions while keeping them horny by using a clit pump.

Elevation mask and body tease

2021-05-283:32 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Mask Fetish
Elevation mask and body tease 0

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custom request no names mention.  Not much talking but you can hear the breathing with the elevation mask.  I did not realize how hard it would be to do a clip with my elevation mask.  You can hear the deep breathing through out the clip.  It is a short clip because it became really difficult to breath, I need more training in this mask. In case you do not know what a elevation mask is:   respiratory conditioning device that mimics the effects of high-altitude environments

New running Shorts!

2021-05-145:02 minutesAsian, Asses, Femdom
New running Shorts! 0
New running Shorts! 1
New running Shorts! 2
New running Shorts! 3
New running Shorts! 4

I have taken up running and going 5k a day!! A client got me these new running shorts for my birthday!! I show them off, of course with some dirty talk and telling you what I want you to do! Cotton is so great against my ass! Enjoy!