Pee series vol 1- Hairy Pussy Peeing in toilet x3 0
Pee series vol 1- Hairy Pussy Peeing in toilet x3 1
Pee series vol 1- Hairy Pussy Peeing in toilet x3 2

3 different pee clips put together in one clip! each scene is played on regular speed then in slow mo and one more time in regular speed!  

In this clip: FEMALE DESPERATION, TOILET HUMILIATION , TOILET SLAVERY , DESPERATION , EXTREME CLOSE-UPS, pi , p , toilet , golden , nectar , water , sports , watersports

Peeing twice in the shower

2021-09-132:58 minutesAsian, Hairy, Peeing
Peeing twice in the shower 0
Peeing twice in the shower 1
Peeing twice in the shower 2
Peeing twice in the shower 3
Peeing twice in the shower 4

More requests for peeing so here you go.  2 clips of me peeing in the shower for you to enjoy

Time for a trim

2021-08-1212:50 minutesAsian, Clip Request, Hairy
Time for a trim 0
Time for a trim 1
Time for a trim 2
Time for a trim 3
Time for a trim 4

So after 6 months of no shaving, trimming or waxing I am realizing the growth is getting out of hand. It is time to take some scissors and trim the long thick unruly hairy armpits before I decide to get rid of it all.

Getting Smooth Underpits

2021-08-033:56 minutesFetish, Hairy, Sensual
Getting Smooth Underpits 0
Getting Smooth Underpits 1
Getting Smooth Underpits 2
Getting Smooth Underpits 3
Getting Smooth Underpits 4

Watch as I epilate my underpits nice and smooth! Epilating is like waxing for those who do not know. I powder my underarms and use the epilator to make my pits nice and smooth. After I show them off to you and tell you what I want you to do to them or what I want to try! In this clip: close ups, underarms, pits, tease, shaving, waxing,

Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits

2021-07-297:36 minutesFemdom, Fetish, Hairy
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 0
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 1
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 2
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 3
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 4

This is when I had my hairy armpits. A clip of me teasing and taunting you with my sweaty armpits. After a long hard workout with no deodorant its time to show you my armpits while talking dirty to you. In this clip: dirty talk, teasing, sweat, hairy armpits, all natural, tease and denial

Why Hairy?

2021-07-236:00 minutesAsian, Clip Request, Hairy
Why Hairy? 0
Why Hairy? 1
Why Hairy? 2
Why Hairy? 3
Why Hairy? 4

It has been months and months since I have shaved. Find out why I am hairy. A lot of talking plus some tugging and putting on some deodorant.

Shaving my hairy pussy

2021-07-1011:23 minutesAsian, Fetish, Hairy2021
Shaving my hairy pussy 0

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Summer is here that means it is time to go hairless! In this clip I use a epilator (rips out all the hair from the root) to get rid of all my hair on my pussy but it is too long so first I need to trim it. Bye bye hairy pussy! Included in this clip: Close up of pussy, hair removal, shaving, spreading

Bathtime Shaving Pits

2021-06-265:19 minutesFetish, Hairy, Small tits
Bathtime Shaving Pits 0

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Getting ready for a date when I realized I haven't shaved in a while and I will be wearing a spaghetti strap cocktail dress. So it's time to shave all the armpit hair off. In the bath we go, as I shave I show you how much is being taken off. Enjoy

Jaxson Tuber plays with my pussy hair

2021-06-233:10 minutesFetish, Hairy
Jaxson Tuber plays with my pussy hair 0

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nother hairy pussy clip. Watch as Jaxson Tuber tugs, pulls and teases. There is nothing I can do because I am tied down! He is loving the pussy hair!

Measuring my armpit hair!

2021-06-204:48 minutesAsian, Fetish, Hairy2021
Measuring my armpit hair! 0

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So as you all know I am temporarily furry! Unshaved in my under-pits and down there! So I was curious on how long it has grown....Out comes the ruler! Can you guess how long my pit hairs are?