Hairy Armpit Tickle

2021-06-206:32 minutesAsian, Hairy, Tickling
Hairy Armpit Tickle 0

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As requested: Pov of my hairy armpits being tickled. My arms are tied above me, bound and helpless I get tickled. Thankfully he does give me some breaks in between. Love tickling? Love hairy armpits? well this is a clip for you!

Hairy, sweaty armpits!

2021-06-166:57 minutesAsian, Fetish, Hairy2021
Hairy, sweaty armpits! 0

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As requested another armpit clip! But this one is special, I haven't shaved for over 2 months!! This clips is shot after a hard work out, I am sweaty, grimy and hairy what more can you ask for?! Close ups included! Rare video, I hate having hairy armpits so enjoy them while you can

Bye Bye Hairy Armpits

2021-06-1011:23 minutesFemdom, Fetish, Hairy
Bye Bye Hairy Armpits 0

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Alas I need a fresh start for my next series where I will be doing weekly postings on showing how my hairy armpits grow in. So to start that we need to get rid of it all. After months and months of not shaving it is time to use the epilator to get rid of it all. At the end I have some smooth armpits!

Very sweaty hairy armpits

2021-06-077:19 minutesAsian, Fetish, Hairy2021
Very sweaty hairy armpits 0

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Been getting more and more requests of the hairy armpits and sweat so this is for all you hairy and sweat lovers! After a HIIT (high intensity interval training) session I am covered in sweat, so of course I pull out my cam and show you! I know you want to smell, taste and feel it! If you love sweat and hairy armpits you will love this clip!

Hairy pee x3

2021-05-303:13 minutesAsian, Hairy, Peeing
Hairy pee x3 1
Hairy pee x3 2
Hairy pee x3 3
Hairy pee x3 4

Haven't put up a pee clip in a while so watch as I pee 3 different times one in the shower and 2 standing up over the toilet. And some wiping of course Also a little extra touch I haven't shaved my pussy in a while so I have a bush in this clip