2021-09-2216:06 minutesAsian, Femdom, Sissy
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I show up in nothing but a robe and toys...... not to use to show you examples of what you are lacking! 

I show you my perfect body trying to get that thing you call a dick hard....with all the trying I know what will work 

I come back with a huge strap on!   I then just sit back with a close up on the strap-on and continue the verbally degrade you!

And at random times either just tell you to fuck off or raise the middle finger

In this clip:

Asian Female superiority, Asian, femdom, femdomme, humiliation, SPH, sissy, POV, strap on

Shot at Kink Den Dungeon

using your mouth vol 2

2021-09-207:07 minutesAsian, BDSM, Femdom
using your mouth vol 2 1
using your mouth vol 2 2

another installment for you to buy and jerk off to. I want to use your mouth but not the way you think.  I use a strap on to fuck that pretty slutty mouth of yours! I want to train you to take real cock in the future. 

Speak clear English no asian accent - Canadian born

Shot at Kink Den Dungeon

In this clip: dirty talk, humiliation, BDSM, Fetish, toy, dildo, sissy slut, mouth training, sub training, Asian Domme, Femdom, femmedomme, Top

Worship This Asian Ass

2021-09-2010:53 minutesAsian, Asses, Femdom
Worship This Asian Ass 1
Worship This Asian Ass 2

Dressed in a teal outfit I was gifted by a fan I tease you with my perfect ass telling you how I like it and how you crave it.  Do you love being verbally while worshiping this Asian Goddess perfect ass.

In this clip: , dirty talk, ass wiggle, booty shake, tease, ass worship, ass, fit, ass tease, asian, asian goddess, ASS FETISH, ASIAN PRINCESS , BOOTY SHAKING, verbal, humiliation, 

Playing with my juices vol 3

2021-09-199:23 minutesAsian, Masturbation, Sensual
Playing with my juices vol 3 1
Playing with my juices vol 3 2

Get up close and personal with my tight Asian pussy.  I play with myself until I want a taste don't you??  I will do it for you.....mmmmm so tasty! 

In this clip: close ups, all natural, asian, asian goddess, asian princess, orgasm, toys, vibrator, solo, cum, cunt, 

Asian Hot Babe Dunks and hair wash in tub 1
Asian Hot Babe Dunks and hair wash in tub 2

My first dunking/underwater video.  The first time I tried dunking in this video didn't go so well as you can tell in the video, water rushed up my nose/sinuses from then on I know to use my hand to clog up my nose.  Each time I dunk the water turns more and more red from my dyed hair.  I take a handful of soap and make my head full of suds and bubbles. To rinse off I dunk until it is all gone :D 

MP4 Version, tri pod cam, CAMERA DOES NOT MOVE 

In this clip:  SHOWER SCENES,WET LOOK, Underwater fetish, dunking, water, bath, bathroom, tub, suds, foam, bubbles, hair, hair washing, long hair, wet & messy, 

Topless Bubble Gum 3

2021-09-155:53 minutesAsian, Clip Request, Fetish
Topless Bubble Gum 3 1
Topless Bubble Gum 3 2
Topless Bubble Gum 3 3
Topless Bubble Gum 3 4

By request another bubble gum clip!I try to work the bubble gum in to give me better bubbles by chewing, stretching, playing with it and more. Do I succeed on getting big bubbles or do I get stuck with small bubbles? Buying this clip is the only way to find out the results! Enjoy bubble gum fans This clip includes open mouth chewing, snapping, bubble gum stretching, bubbles, different sizes, different angles and more!

JOE for sissies

2021-09-1411:05 minutesAsian, Femdom, Sissy
JOE for sissies 1
JOE for sissies 2
JOE for sissies 3
JOE for sissies 4

Jerk Off Encouragement for Sissy Sluts!

Are you a sissy slut that loves being verbally humiliated by a Asian Goddess? Then this is a MUST buy for you. Watch as Asian princess Jasmine Jade tells you what she really thinks of you and your little thing between your legs! And what she knows you want to do server her any way she pleases and that would be: Watching you take as much cock as possible!

In this clip: POV Domme, humiliation, sissy, sissy slut, verbal degradation, count down to cum, JOI, JOE, Asian, 

Toothbrushing Volume 3

2021-09-145:50 minutesAsian, Clip Request, Fetish
Toothbrushing Volume 3 1
Toothbrushing Volume 3 2
Toothbrushing Volume 3 3
Toothbrushing Volume 3 4

Watch as I scrub my teeth with a manual medium toothbrush but at the end I decide to show off inside my mouth and throat including my uvula. Enjoy looking down my throat.

In this clip: mouth, uvula, teeth, tooth, tongue, spitting, gargling, mouth fetish , teeth fetish , pov , tongue fetish , throat fetish , extreme close-ups , mesmerize , tooth , dental fetish, Asian, Asian Goddess, Asian princess, Femdom, femme domme, domme,

Peeing twice in the shower

2021-09-132:58 minutesAsian, Hairy, Peeing
Peeing twice in the shower 1
Peeing twice in the shower 2
Peeing twice in the shower 3
Peeing twice in the shower 4

More requests for peeing so here you go.  2 clips of me peeing in the shower for you to enjoy

Armpits Close Up vol 1

2021-09-132:51 minutesAsian, Femdom, Fetish
Armpits Close Up vol 1 1
Armpits Close Up vol 1 2
Armpits Close Up vol 1 3
Armpits Close Up vol 1 4

Laying in bed with the window open I might as well show off my underarms. Not much talking just showing you what you want my pits close up

In this clip: close ups, armpits, underarm, all natural, asian, asian goddess, asian princess, body part, smooth,