Close up with the magic wand!

2021-05-189:44 minutesAsian, Masturbation, Sensual
Close up with the magic wand! 0
Close up with the magic wand! 1
Close up with the magic wand! 2
Close up with the magic wand! 3
Close up with the magic wand! 4

Close up of me cumming with the hitachi magic wand! This is one of my favourite toys! Watch me cum

Oiling Ellis's Big Tits!

2021-05-184:43 minutesBBW, Big boobs, Fetish2021
Oiling Ellis's Big Tits! 0

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 In the previous clips I tied Ellis to the St. Andrews cross and smacked, hit and caned her big boobs. Now it is time to cool her down and tease her in the process! I take a pump bottle of coconut oil and slather her tits with it. Then I rub, massage and tease her titties, with the big grin on both of our faces you can see we really enjoyed making this part of the clip! 

Worship My Ass - Lace Panties

2021-05-178:01 minutesAsian, Asses, Femdom
Worship My Ass - Lace Panties 0
Worship My Ass - Lace Panties 1
Worship My Ass - Lace Panties 2
Worship My Ass - Lace Panties 3
Worship My Ass - Lace Panties 4

You are weak for my ass! You love my ass!! Now to worship them in some lace panties! Fabric so thin you can smell me. Worship your Asian Femdomme!

Caning Ellis Tits

2021-05-176:54 minutesBBW, Big boobs, Caning
Caning Ellis Tits 0
Caning Ellis Tits 1
Caning Ellis Tits 2
Caning Ellis Tits 3
Caning Ellis Tits 4

In a previous clip I warmed up Ellis breast with a good hand smacking. Now that her boobs are nice and pink it's time for the real punishment!! I cane Ellis tits while she is still tied up on the cross. She moans each time the cane strikes her tits!

Extra sweaty fuzzy pits

2021-05-167:01 minutesAsian, Femdom, Fetish
Extra sweaty fuzzy pits 0

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After a really tough work out I turn on my cam for you fuzzy underpits lovers (sweat lovers too!). You can see the sweat and shine off of them (I nailed the lighting on this one!) I show you both armpits separately then both at the same time. Some great close ups of course, while I talk dirty to you and tell you what you should do with them. In this clip: dirty talk, teasing, sweat, hairy armpits, all natural, tease and denial

Smacking Ellis Tits

2021-05-166:24 minutesBDSM, Big boobs, Female Domination
Smacking Ellis Tits 0
Smacking Ellis Tits 1
Smacking Ellis Tits 2
Smacking Ellis Tits 3
Smacking Ellis Tits 4

I bound Ellis on to the St. Andrews cross and expose her big tits! I get them ready for some punishment! Smacking, hitting, spanking her breast till they are a nice shade of pink, getting them ready for the next punishment...the cane

Bubble Gum and Magic Wand!

2021-05-1511:12 minutesFood Sex, Masturbation, Small tits2021
Bubble Gum and Magic Wand! 0

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I love masturbation and bubble gum! Watch as I blow all different sizes. Throw in some loud open mouth chewing, snapping and an orgasm! Results one hot clip!

Ellis First Ear Punishment

2021-05-159:28 minutesEars, Female Domination, Fetish
Ellis First Ear Punishment 0

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Ellis has never had her ears punished so I decided to be her first to administer it. She did not expect it to hurt as much as it did. Watch close ups as I Ellis' ears for the first time as I fold and twist them multiple times until they are both warm and a nice shade of pink.

Ellis Struggles To Escape

2021-05-146:53 minutesBBW, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage
Ellis Struggles To Escape 0
Ellis Struggles To Escape 1
Ellis Struggles To Escape 2
Ellis Struggles To Escape 3
Ellis Struggles To Escape 4

Last part of the series, Ellis is still bound in the hog tie but I also add a bitgag. She tries her hardest to get out while I spank and grope her! Does she escape the rope bondage? There is only one way to find out, watch the clip!! 

New running Shorts!

2021-05-145:02 minutesAsian, Asses, Femdom
New running Shorts! 0
New running Shorts! 1
New running Shorts! 2
New running Shorts! 3
New running Shorts! 4

I have taken up running and going 5k a day!! A client got me these new running shorts for my birthday!! I show them off, of course with some dirty talk and telling you what I want you to do! Cotton is so great against my ass! Enjoy!