Pegs and Ice Dildo

2021-06-0111:44 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Toys
Pegs and Ice Dildo 1
Pegs and Ice Dildo 2
Pegs and Ice Dildo 3
Pegs and Ice Dildo 4

One of the most intense videos yet. I have stuck ice cubes up my pussy but never an ice dildo! Watch as I use pegs and a ice dildo on myself! The ice dildo melts inside of my hot pussy! Water gushes out as it melts! This clip was intense but fun so I will be trying the ice dildo again In this clip: BDSM, Jasmine Jade, pegs, clothes pins,

Oiling Mae's Big Ass

2021-06-014:18 minutesAsian, BBW, Fetish2021
Oiling Mae's Big Ass 0

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After spanking Mae's big round bum it is time to cool her down. I grab a bottle of coconut oil and squirt it all over her ass.I work in the oil making it nice and shiny. In this clip: Oil, lesbian domination, Female Domination, ass massage, BBW

Butt workout

2021-05-3113:06 minutes2021
Butt workout 0

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Want to know the secret to my perfect ass? Working it out every day this is just one of my routines to keep my ass so tight. Watch as I do my ass work out in some sexy, too short, freshly cut offs. Denim lovers will love these tight barely fitting short shorts!Also in this video: Close ups, camel toe, denim, shorts, jean short, cut off jeans,

Spanking with BBW Mae

2021-05-316:22 minutesBBW, BDSM, Spanking
Spanking with BBW Mae 0

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Brand new BBW sub Mae joins me in shooting. This is the first time her and I get to play together! Watch as she is on all fours on the spanking bench. I give her such a good hand spanking that her big butt turns a nice shade of pink. In this clip: Bare Hand Spanking, Lesbian Domination, Female Domination, impact play,

Hairy pee x3

2021-05-303:13 minutesAsian, Hairy, Peeing
Hairy pee x3 1
Hairy pee x3 2
Hairy pee x3 3
Hairy pee x3 4

Haven't put up a pee clip in a while so watch as I pee 3 different times one in the shower and 2 standing up over the toilet. And some wiping of course Also a little extra touch I haven't shaved my pussy in a while so I have a bush in this clip

Another webcam show with Monika Maple  0

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Watch as Jasmine Jade dominates Monika Maple on cam.  Jade ties her up and uses her as she likes from riding her face to fucking monika with a toy! 

Shoe Dangle JOE

2021-05-298:23 minutesJerk Off Instruction, Secretary, Shoes2021
Shoe Dangle JOE 0

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Custom clip I made a while ago that got lost when switching laptops. Watch as I show off my little black dress and strappy heels. I undress and sit in a chair showing off my legs and shoes. In this clip: Legs, high heels, shoes, dangling, dirty talk, JOE, Jerk off encouragement,

 Cam show with Monika Maple! full length 0

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Monika and me love showing off on cam! lesbian domination lovers will enjoy this! over 1000 viewers were watching this show! will later be making shorter versions for you

Elevation mask and body tease

2021-05-283:32 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Mask Fetish
Elevation mask and body tease 0

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custom request no names mention.  Not much talking but you can hear the breathing with the elevation mask.  I did not realize how hard it would be to do a clip with my elevation mask.  You can hear the deep breathing through out the clip.  It is a short clip because it became really difficult to breath, I need more training in this mask. In case you do not know what a elevation mask is:   respiratory conditioning device that mimics the effects of high-altitude environments

Exclusive Naked CBT with Jaxson Tuber

2021-05-288:32 minutesBDSM, CBT, Small tits
Exclusive Naked CBT with Jaxson Tuber  1
Exclusive Naked CBT with Jaxson Tuber  2

Jaxson has a nice set of balls on him! I love playing and being mean to them time to time.  He even likes encouraging me to go harder :D enjoy some CBT with both of us naked just playing around!