Quick Tickle

2021-08-023:30 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Tickling
Quick Tickle 1
Quick Tickle 2
Quick Tickle 3
Quick Tickle 4

Watch as I (Asian sub Jasmine Jade) is tied up on a st.andrews cross. In between shooting her male top figures out she is ticklish.  He gives her a quick tickle before shooting other things.  Will shoot again I think. BUY this CLIP and the rest of our tickling CLIPS to encourage us to shoot more of this type of CONTENT! 

Ass Hole sniffer Ralf

2021-08-025:39 minutesAsses, Femdom, Fetish
Ass Hole sniffer Ralf 1
Ass Hole sniffer Ralf 2
Ass Hole sniffer Ralf 3
Ass Hole sniffer Ralf 4

custom name: Ralph and is mentioned throughout the clip 

Hey there ass sniffer! I know you are weak for the scent of my asian ass and asshole. Watch as I (Asian princess Jasmine Jade) finger my ass and make you smell it. Verbally you all the while. Enjoy my asshole in all it's glory! This is a must buy clip for asshole lovers and ass sniffers! in this clip anal, anal play, verbal, asian, asian goddess, asian princess, pov domme, pov, Domme, femdom, asshole, ass, Dominatrix, bum,

2 ladies 4 feet bastinado Amara&Jasmine 1
2 ladies 4 feet bastinado Amara&Jasmine 2

Amara Zane and I (Jasmine Jade) are tied to a riding horse perfect position for some feet caning fun. Jaxson Tuber uses 2 canes one thick and one whippy cane on the soles of our feet. Harder and Harder he goes.  Watch both of us take on a pretty hard foot session.

ripping my wet tights

2021-08-015:41 minutesClip Request, Fetish, Stockings
ripping my wet tights 1
ripping my wet tights 2
ripping my wet tights 3
ripping my wet tights 4

This type of clip was requested... I think I found a new fetish I am really into. Watch as I rip and cut my wet white tights till they are nothing but shreds of material. I love the sound and feel. This was so much fun I have to do it again! In this clip: clothes destruction, ripping, wet look, tear, cut, shred

Wet clothes! White tights and White Tshirt 1
Wet clothes! White tights and White Tshirt 2
Wet clothes! White tights and White Tshirt 3
Wet clothes! White tights and White Tshirt 4

Taking a shower with white tights and a white T shirt. I find clothed showers so much fun now ! I soap up everything trying to get as bubbly as I can. I take my time lathering myself up and rinsing off . In this clip: Wet clothing, shower,Wet T-shirt, wet look, Lather,

Titty Smacking 3

2021-07-315:55 minutesAsian, BDSM, Female Domination
Titty Smacking 3 1
Titty Smacking 3 2
Titty Smacking 3 3
Titty Smacking 3 4

Watch as male Dom Jaxson Tuber gives his asian submissive Jasmine Jade a good tit busting experience. He works over both her tits until she is yelping and squirming from the pain. Her boobs get a nice shade of pink yet she smiles most of the time or at least tries to. Jasmine is training to take more, be prepared for more clips like this.

Shot at Kink Den Dungeon

In this clip:Breast , corporal punishment, Submissive, Domination, titty rubbing, titty pinching, Asian, BDSM, impact play,  smacking, smack, dungeon, fetish, kink

Exclusive- Toe Job Vol 1

2021-07-3012:59 minutesFetish, Foot Fetish, Footjob
Exclusive- Toe Job Vol 1  0

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Another exclusive clip! Watch as I give Jaxson Tuber a toe job with both wrinkled soles shown and tops of my feet working his hard throbbing cock.  Of course he finishes off on my toes and feet :D 

One word series- NERD

2021-07-309:21 minutesAsian, Femdom, Fetish
One word series- NERD 0

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Were you the wimpy one in school? Were you beat up and called a nerd constantly. Now for some reason it turns you on when called a nerd from nerdy girl turned Asian Goddess? Asian Princess shows off her tight body from her feet to her firm tight ass. Just saying one word over and over again during this clip NERD!

2 Girls: Balloon Fun with Jasmine Jade and Amara Zane  1
2 Girls: Balloon Fun with Jasmine Jade and Amara Zane  2

Watch as I (asian switch Jasmine Jade) and hot Alt model Amara Zane blow up some latex pink and green balloons.  Can you tell I have a fear of them popping in my face but Amara blows them as big as she can.  We do some balloon stuffing our tits just for fun as well. 

Shot at Kink Den Dungeon

In this clip:  Amara Zane, Jasmine Jade, looner, loon, balloons, latex, blow, inflate, balloon stuffing, INFLATABLES NON-POP, INFLATABLES, BALLOONS NON POP, BALLOONS B2P, BALLOON STUFFING, INFLATABLES BLOW FETISH

Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits

2021-07-297:36 minutesFemdom, Fetish, Hairy
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 1
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 2
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 3
Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy Armpits 4

This is when I had my hairy armpits. A clip of me teasing and taunting you with my sweaty armpits. After a long hard workout with no deodorant its time to show you my armpits while talking dirty to you. In this clip: dirty talk, teasing, sweat, hairy armpits, all natural, tease and denial