JOI/JOE for Josh

28.07.20215:28 MinutenAsian, Jerk Off Instruction, Sensual
JOI/JOE for Josh 1
JOI/JOE for Josh 2
JOI/JOE for Josh 3
JOI/JOE for Josh 4

JOI/JOE-custom Custom request named Josh is mentioned There is talk going around that you have a massive cock. It may be big but can you last? I tell you you how all of my previous lovers couldn't last, can you beat the record? I encourage it by stripping down and teasing you. In this clip: tease, dirty talk,

spanking BBW Becca Buckler

27.07.20212:54 MinutenBBW, BDSM, Spanking
spanking BBW Becca Buckler  1
spanking BBW Becca Buckler  2
spanking BBW Becca Buckler  3
spanking BBW Becca Buckler  4

After oiling Becca Buckler's big round ass you know she needs a sound spanking! here is a quick spanking clip.  Her ass gets nice and pink just the way I like it 


Shot at Kink Den Dungeon

In this clip:

bondage, lesbian domination, cuffs, oil, bbw, spanking, wedgie, thong, submissive, Mistress, Domination, impact play, BBW domination, 

Large Silver Hoop Earrings

27.07.20215:35 MinutenAsian, Ears, Fetish
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 1
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 2
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 3
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 4

I found my other pair of hoop earrings I put them on both ways and give them some tugs and twists for you to enjoy.  This time it is all close up of the action (just my ears)

Bubbles And Tits!

26.07.20215:24 MinutenAsian, Small tits
Bubbles And Tits! 1
Bubbles And Tits! 2
Bubbles And Tits! 3
Bubbles And Tits! 4

Just what the title says Bubbles and Tits.  I am enjoying my bubble bath and thought my tits look and feel great in bubbles. I love my small tits do you?

In this CLIP: Asian, Asian goddess, Asian princess, shower scene, bathroom, bath, bubbles, bubble bath, wet, wet look

you love my ass in jeggings

25.07.20217:01 MinutenAsian, Asses, Femdom
you love my ass in jeggings 1
you love my ass in jeggings 2
you love my ass in jeggings 3
you love my ass in jeggings 4

You have seen me in denim and legging you love both looks, of course you can not resist my ass in jeggings. Tight jeggings that hug my ass so snug! You just want to shove your face deep into my ass. Go ahead take deep breaths and get weaker and weaker for me! Jerk it while I show off my perfect tight butt do I let you cum? watch the clip and find out! In this clip: jeggings, tights, ass worship, dirty talk, ass, JOE

Eat my tight ass

25.07.20213:34 MinutenAsian, Asses, Orgasms
Eat my tight ass 1
Eat my tight ass 2
Eat my tight ass 3
Eat my tight ass 4

Watch as I am bent over the bondage bed getting my ass eaten by Jaxson Tuber.  We don't record for long but more of this type of clip must be done 

Shot at Kink Den Dungeon

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Asian, Asian Goddess, Asian princess, Femdom, femme domme, domme, worship, Ass Worship, Goddess Worship, Sensual Domination Ass, Asshole, rimming, butt, booty,

Ears as pink as the walls

24.07.20218:24 MinutenAsian, Ears, Fetish
Ears as pink as the walls 1
Ears as pink as the walls 2
Ears as pink as the walls 3
Ears as pink as the walls 4

I haven't shot a ear clip in a while and I miss it. I twist and fold both ears with different angles (including angles from behind) for you to see them change from normal color to a nice shade of pink.  They become really warm and pink, as pink as the walls.   In this clip: close ups, ear lobes, pulling, twisting, folding, bending, stretching, multiple angles

Oiling Jaymie's Round Ass

24.07.20217:05 MinutenAsses, Fetish, Sensual
Oiling Jaymie's Round Ass 1
Oiling Jaymie's Round Ass 2
Oiling Jaymie's Round Ass 3
Oiling Jaymie's Round Ass 4

Watch as Asian Domme Jasmine Jade cools down Jaymie after a sound spanking.  Her pink round ass cheeks getting the attention they deserve.  Jade covers Jaymie's booty with coconut oil with a little bit of teasing over her panties.  More to come with these two!

In this clip:  lesbian domination, oil, bbw, wedgie, thong, submissive, Mistress, Domination, BBW domination, sensual domination, lezdom

Spanked vol 2

23.07.20216:18 MinutenBDSM, Female Domination, Spanking
Spanked vol 2 1
Spanked vol 2 2

I love getting a nice firm spanking! Each time I should just turn on the camera for you to watch. Don't you love how pink might tight little ass gets? You can watch my face in the big mirror as he smacks me harder and harder!

In this clip: impact play, Fetish, Bdsm, corporal punishment, hand spanking, dungeon, spanking bench,Sub, submissive, smacking, smack bdsm, fetish, kink, CMNF, Flogging, Spanking, Asian sub, Asian submissive, asian,