JOI/JOE for Josh

28.07.20215:28 MinutenAsian, Jerk Off Instruction, Sensual
JOI/JOE for Josh 1
JOI/JOE for Josh 2
JOI/JOE for Josh 3
JOI/JOE for Josh 4

JOI/JOE-custom Custom request named Josh is mentioned There is talk going around that you have a massive cock. It may be big but can you last? I tell you you how all of my previous lovers couldn't last, can you beat the record? I encourage it by stripping down and teasing you. In this clip: tease, dirty talk,

Large Silver Hoop Earrings

27.07.20215:35 MinutenAsian, Ears, Fetish
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 1
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 2
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 3
Large Silver Hoop Earrings 4

I found my other pair of hoop earrings I put them on both ways and give them some tugs and twists for you to enjoy.  This time it is all close up of the action (just my ears)

Ears as pink as the walls

24.07.20218:24 MinutenAsian, Ears, Fetish
Ears as pink as the walls 1
Ears as pink as the walls 2
Ears as pink as the walls 3
Ears as pink as the walls 4

I haven't shot a ear clip in a while and I miss it. I twist and fold both ears with different angles (including angles from behind) for you to see them change from normal color to a nice shade of pink.  They become really warm and pink, as pink as the walls.   In this clip: close ups, ear lobes, pulling, twisting, folding, bending, stretching, multiple angles

Extra sweaty armpits

18.07.20216:08 MinutenAsian, Clip Request, Femdom
Extra sweaty armpits 1
Extra sweaty armpits 2
Extra sweaty armpits 3
Extra sweaty armpits 4

I have been getting requests for some armpit clips again so here you go!! After a HITT workout I am extra sweaty! I show off my ripe, supple armpits covered in sweat if that wasn't great enough I take some sweat off of me and add it to the armpits In this clip: sweat, close ups, dirty talk, tease

Shaving my hairy pussy

10.07.202111:23 MinutenAsian, Fetish, Hairy2021
Shaving my hairy pussy 0

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Summer is here that means it is time to go hairless! In this clip I use a epilator (rips out all the hair from the root) to get rid of all my hair on my pussy but it is too long so first I need to trim it. Bye bye hairy pussy! Included in this clip: Close up of pussy, hair removal, shaving, spreading

Cleaning my ears

06.07.202110:20 MinutenAsian, Ears, Fetish
Cleaning my ears 0

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Watch as I clean my ears inside and out.  I start out with wetting my ears and work on some lather with some soap. When that is done i use a rag with hot water to rinse them off.  Followed by a qtip on the outside then on the inside of my ear canal.  I do this to both ears for you to enjoy

Dangle Earrings

24.06.20215:59 MinutenAmateur, Asian, Ears
Dangle Earrings 0

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Another earring clip for you to enjoy this time I use some long dangle earrings.  I put them on and pull on them gently and then take them out and try them on backwards as well. 

Morning ear play

11.06.20218:01 MinutenAmateur, Ears, Fetish
Morning ear play 0

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Just an early morning clip on me tugging, pulling, pinching and twisting my ears close up. Watch them turn nice and pink by the end of the clip

In this clip: close ups, natural, natural lighting,ear lobes, pulling, twisting, folding, bending, stretching

Lick all my sweat

05.06.20215:59 MinutenAsian, Femdom, Fetish
Lick all my sweat 0

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After a heavy work out I am all ripe and sweaty! I want you to give me a tongue bath...Lick all my sweat off different parts of my body!

Nothing Butt Close ups

03.06.20219:45 MinutenMasturbation, Orgasms, Toys
Nothing Butt Close ups 0
Nothing Butt Close ups 1
Nothing Butt Close ups 2
Nothing Butt Close ups 3
Nothing Butt Close ups 4

a clip of extreme close up of my tight holes. I show my pussy and asshole off in different positions while keeping them horny by using a clit pump.